Kangaroo Grass - A2 Print

Kangaroo Grass A2.jpg
Kangaroo Grass A2.jpg

Kangaroo Grass - A2 Print


Themeda Triandra

Kangaroo grass is a perennial that can grow to one and a half metres tall and fifty centimetres across. It is green to grey and dries to an orange brown in summer. The flowering period is from December to February. The grass produces distinct, large, red-brown spikelets. The species has a particularly wide distribution; in Australia it is found in all states and territories and overseas it is found in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. It commonly grows in grassland and open woodland.

In his 2014 book Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe put forward the argument that Aboriginal people were not just hunter-gatherers, but farmers who cultivated native plants prior to white settlement. Mr Pascoe said evidence had been found in a grindstone discovered at an archaeological site at Cuddie Springs in New South Wales that was shown to have been used to grind seeds into starch for cooking more than 30,000 years ago. “That makes Australians the first people on earth to bake bread,” he wrote.


Original pen and ink drawing printed onto 310gsm Canson Aquarelle Rag using archival inks and is signed by the artist, Phoebe Duff.

All Ancient Nectar prints are limited editions of 25 and are numbered in the bottom left corner.

*Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery time for limited edition items, as they are printed to order.

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